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Hear it from our customers

Lyndon Barnett, Senior Digital Content and SEO Manager, Vodafone Australia

"I regularly look at new and interesting ways to ensure that our customers find what they’re looking for with absolute ease. Cludo’s impressive software is an important piece of my wider digital search strategy that’s designed to deliver an exceptional customer experience and ultimately online conversion."

Lisa Beckett, Website & Business Development Manager, Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames & London Borough of Sutton

“Sutton scored a 4 in its BetterConnected review this year and we couldn't have achieved that without Cludo. We have achieved the highest possible score for search and navigation which has contributed to our overall performance! Thank you so much for all your support and look forward to having two 4 star sites next year.”

Paolo Valenziano, ‎Head of Digital Content Production, Bank of England

"The Intelligent 404 module has enabled us to be more reactive to broken links in general, but most importantly, having launched a new website recently, it has helped our users find the right content quickly even if it has moved. The module provides a quick and efficient way to improve the user experience right where it could be at its worst- a broken link!"

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Commonly asked questions:

Q: Is Cludo a hardware appliance you need to setup locally?

A: No, Cludo is a cloud-based solution. This means that you don’t have to worry about uptime, upgrades to the solution and sudden traffic spikes which requires you to purchase more hardware.

Q: Can Cludo work with secure content like intranet solutions?

A: Yes, we can filter searches based upon roles. You can add secure content by either providing login access to our crawler, or by pushing the data directly to our search engine, through our API.

Q: How is the setup process?

A: For public websites, all you have to do is to copy & paste a JavaScript and HTML snippet, and you're done! For intranet solutions, you can retrieve the content through our easy to use API. We work on all CMS systems as well.

Q: How much control will I have over the system?

A: We understand that you know what is best for your website. Therefore, we offer you full control over the search, no developer intervention needed. Our user-friendly dashboard enables you to easily tweak features such as boost pages, promote pages, editing terms and synonyms, auto-correct functions and more.

Q: Can we search multiple data-sources at a time?

A: Yes, it is possible to search multiple data-sources by combining the use of our data-crawlers with the push API. You will be able to combine data from legacy sources using our crawlers and use our push API for newer solutions.

Q: Can we modify the design ourselves?

A: In most cases we do the design for our customers, including maintenance and changes to the design. However, if you have an IT or design department that you would like to have control, we are happy to oblige.

Q: Which languages do you support?

A: We currently support Arabic, Armenian, Basque, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Cjk, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Sorani, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Thai. Of course, more languages can be added upon request.

Q: What about support?

A: Our service includes both email and phone support for free, so there are no extra charges involved. If you have any issues, you can just give us a call and have us deal with it right away.