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84% of web users want to find a solution through site search. How does your search experience measure up?

Deliver Better Search Results

When someone visits your site, they are seeking information or services they believe your business provides. It is not enough to deliver general results to your users.


Users’ standards for search results are getting higher and higher. Your visitors are individuals, and they want relevant, tailored results – your search engine must deliver.


Cludo supports and tailors your process, from insights and ideation through development and implementation to ensure you’re providing the best search experience possible.

What Should You Consider?

Search Experience
How should your search experience look and feel? It may seem simple, but there are many options to adjust the experience before, during and after performing a search.
Intelligent Automation
Our powerful backend will always work to improve your search, but you also have various options to automate rankings, add 404 pages, boost specific areas on your website and get suggestions on improvements.
Is your content available for all visitors or are you targeting specific behavioral traits, location or other? Cludo gives you the opportunity to tailor your results.
Supporting Tools
Our toolbelt comes in multiple variations, but what should your mix look like? Is Voice Search something that you would offer your visitors, or should we highlight content to support all visitors?

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Our Advisory Process

Strategy, goals and needs assessment
We always start with identifying your needs and goals. What are you trying to achieve with your audience? Are there any specific ambitions you have?
Providing insights and industry best practices
We provide you with relevant insights on how search is used in relation to your audience and industry. Our team will share common use cases and what to be mindful of when considering your search experience.
After reviewing your goals, audience, insights and best practices, we will recommend your future search experience. This includes the tools and technology you should consider to provide the best possible user experience.
Prototypes, mockup or Proof of Concept
Before jumping into the actual build, we provide a prototype, mockup or PoC to ensure everyone is aligned on the design and core functionality.
Design and implementation Cludo’s frontend developers start the process of building out your new search experience. After testing and feedback, we are ready to provide you with the implementation files and guides. Read more about these services here.
Ongoing optimization Our support team ensures ongoing success with your solution! After go-live, we immediately pair you with our customer success and support team. Review our optimization catalog here.

Relevant Research and Reports