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Valuable search analytics & insights

Once your search is up and running, the real fun begins: diving into the data! Cludo is more than just a search solution – it’s a powerful analytics and insights engine that helps you make thoughtful, data-driven business decisions.

Getting started

It all begins with a search

Studies show that 43% of site visitors go straight to the search bar to navigate. Those search queries are your visitors speaking directly to you.
Our automated reporting and analytics provide insights for every query, helping you identify what content is working and what's missing.

Search terms

Analyze statistics on individual search terms, such as their click-through rate, and react to poorly performing search terms.

Most popular searches

An important metric to help forecast what the future may hold, trends can shape both your website as well as your business strategy.

Searches without results

With our search analytics, gain insight into what’s not working so you can remedy it by easily creating synonyms or adding fresh content to meet user expectations.

Ineffective searches

Queries with low to zero click-through rates within certain search results are what we call ‘ineffective searches.’ These analytics identify areas of your website that need refining.

Intents variation png
Built on machine learning

Discover visitor search patterns with Intents

Determined by using machine learning, Intents, also known as intentions, are common topics and objectives visitors are looking to find on your website through search. 

For example: if one user searches for “employment” while another searches “jobs”, their overall Intent could be that they are looking for job openings, which means they are likely looking for your Careers page. Both of these terms would be listed in your Analytics under one Intent, "Careers".

Advanced analytics

Dive deeper into your data

Search origin pages

Equally as important as what your users are searching is where they begin their search. Use these analytics to locate dead ends on your site.

Search destination pages

Discover where your visitors land after performing their search. Use this information to enhance and build upon your content offerings.

Device data

Whether on a tablet, phone or desktop computer, use device data to further optimize your website and ensure it's accessible to all.

Geo data

Location analytics help to map out and visualize where your visitors are searching from on a local, regional and global scale.

Use cases

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