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Cludo is more than just a site search solution - it’s a powerful analytics & insights engine that enables marketers to make data driven decisions.

Ineffective Search Analytics

If you are noticing low to zero click-through rates within your site search results, you may have what we call ‘ineffective searches’. Low click-through rates indicate that search is not yielding the content your viewers are looking for, a fast way to lose your users to Google or competitors’ sites. The Ineffective Search tool zeros in on areas of your website and search that need to be optimized- reducing lost opportunities by filling gaps in your website content that your visitors are actively searching for. Create synonyms or spelling corrections using Cludo’s admin panel, or add new content to meet your users’ expectations.

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Search Origin Page Analytics

This report will tell you the pages from which the most searches were performed. This is a great indicator that the content on those pages does not provide the desired value to your visitors. In addition, the top search queries originating from those pages is an important indicator of content gaps in specific locations on your website.