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Guided Search Insights

Most Popular Searches

Tracking trends in search words helps you identify keywords that are highly used or getting more popular. An important metric to help forecast what the future may hold, trends can shape both your website as well as your business strategy. For example, if people are increasingly searching for a specific product, you might want to begin promoting it more actively on your website.

Searches Without Results

It’s never a good sign when your users are presented with “no results.” It usually means the content does not exist or maybe your user tried a search term that leads to no results. With our search analytics, you get insight into what’s not working so you can remedy it by easily creating synonyms or spelling corrections, or adding new content to meet your users’ expectations.

Ineffective Searches

If you are noticing low to zero click-through rates within certain search results, you may have what we call ‘ineffective searches.’ Low click-through rates indicate that search is not serving the content your viewers are looking for, a fast way to lose your users to Google or competitors’ sites. Ineffective Searches identify areas of your website and search that need refining.

Unify your data with our analytics integrations!

Cludo integrates with Google Analytics & Siteimprove Analytics, helping you supplement your website analytics with information about what people search for, what they find, and which searches produced zero results or ineffective results.


Dig Deeper with Advanced Analytics

Voice Search Queries

Voice search allows users to search the way that works best for them. Analyze your voice search queries with a quick dashboard report on your top five voice searches and a full analytics page that shows a complete list of voice search usage.

Search Origin & Destination

Equally as important as what your users are searching is where they begin their search and where they land after performing a search. To help identify content gaps as well as where to make page improvements, Cludo provides extensive reports on search origin and destination.

User Intent

No more parsing through thousands of search queries to find common themes within your search data. Cludo Intents are here to simplify your life by finding common topics and objectives users are seeking through search.