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A.Vogel was experiencing a transformation from a simple online supplier into becoming a one-stop shop for reliable online information on natural health. This was an exciting transition, but it also meant an increased emphasis on the website’s usability – and specifically, it meant they needed a stronger site search. In conjunction with their digital marketing consultant, Online Marketing Guy, A. Vogel worked to research everything possible with site search. Eventually, after an exhaustive search, the team decided on a new search partner: Cludo.

“[This transition] meant also an increasing importance of the website's overall usability and site search functionality,” said Jochen Setzer of Online Marketing Guy. “The search for a new global solution provided a welcome chance to dig deeper into the possibilities and insights site search can provide.”

How A.Vogel and Online Marketing Guy Chose Cludo as their Search Provider

The team started by clarifying the questions they would need to answer and the features they would require from a new site search provider. After that, they moved to interviewing providers and scoring them against required features, eventually transitioning into demo installations with key users. Setzer says the launch of Cludo proved they had made the right decision.

“Like in any complex global implementation project there are always surprises and problems that have to be overcome,” says Setzer. “To make the project a success you need a provider that takes responsibility and walks the extra mile. With Cludo we always felt that they cared and did everything in their control to find the best solution for us.”

A Long and Happy Partnership

When choosing a new search solution, A.Vogel was looking for the golden platform that could combine friendly service, a simple interface, complete implementation assistance, and lastly, competitive pricing. They found all those aspects in Cludo Site Search. With a stronger site search and a user-friendly website, A.Vogel has established themselves as a true leader in the natural health space.

After partnering with Cludo for three years, A.Vogel’s digital marketing consultancy is most grateful that Cludo is a reliable solution with comprehensive insights. Setzer also sees Cludo as an innovation driver. Even if a new feature isn’t immediately relevant to A.Vogel, Online Marketing Guy feels confident knowing his client is working with a site search company that will stay at the forefront of industry invention.

“We value our close partnership with Cludo,” said Jochen Setzer. “We feel well informed about [Cludo’s] roadmap and feel like we can influence it as well.”


Tip for successful implementation: Have one main contact within the company that funnels the communication between Cludo and the business. This can be a dedicated person with enough resources to handle the project - or like in the case of A.Vogel - a reliable external long term partner.


Want to learn more about intelligent site search? Check out our video introducing you to Cludo's platform.