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Better Together: Machine Learning + Human Intuition

Integrating machine learning to refine search results and create more relevance is the natural evolution of a cutting-edge search platform. Cludo’s machine learning software enables you to maintain relevance across millions of search queries, learning, refining and improving as it goes along. However, at Cludo we also believe that marketers often know their audience and the needs of their business the best, so we give our users the power to actively tweak and adjust the search rankings created by the machine, giving you the best of both worlds- the precision and power of machine learning combined with the natural intellect and ability of the marketer’s brain.

What is it?

Cludo’s machine learning software inspects user search activity to identify patterns of behavior, and then adjusts the ranking of search results for every query to deliver the most relevant information. The software performs calculations and synthesizes insights into customer behavior in real-time- calculations that would take a team of human beings years to complete. The serious advantage of this method is that your website visitors receive the most up-to-date results and relevant information for every search they perform. Layered on top of that, Cludo enables users to perform custom page rankings through our easy-to-use interface, adjusting the rankings created by the machine learning models to meet the specific needs of their organization.

Why is machine learning important?

Cludo’s machine learning creates intelligent boostings. This means that aggregate user habits are captured and a vivid picture of visitor engagement is created. Cludo’s machine learning will deliver results for a query based on visitors’ past behavior, and the success or failure of those results to create engagement. The system learns and grows more accurate with its predictions with each new interaction. Marketers can also learn from what the model is serving up, as this will prove to be compelling data as you determine which pages should receive greater emphasis over others on your website.

Change is another important variable to consider when you’re handling user engagement. As seasons and market conditions transition from one to the next, so does user preference. Cludo’s machine learning will analyze these changes and refine relevance over time on a per query basis. This automated system therefore actively keeps your searches relevant despite changes in your user base.

Adding in the human factor

Cludo’s machine learning model is incredibly powerful, yet like any other AI, it still has its limits (so far). Many solutions are a “black box” where the user is expected to put their complete trust in the model without knowing how or if it is working. However, we believe in transparency- it’s YOUR website after all. Sometimes the model may not have enough activity data for a query to base an accurate prediction on. Or perhaps you might prefer to promote some specific content because you know it is more meaningful to your customers or meets a certain business need. In those cases, you have the ability to either toggle off the intelligent boostings so results revert to your original page ranking preferences, or fine tune and tweak the rankings that the machine learning model has suggested. Your page ranking selections take precedence over intelligent boostings, but data concerning intelligent boosting is always preserved and easily recoverable.

Delivering powerful insights & analytics

Cludo’s analytics tool complements and draws from the intelligent boostings. In concert, they are extremely powerful as you receive user engagement data in real-time, helping you make timely data-driven content and business decisions. Granular data such as the number of clicks for specific search queries, the origination pages of various searches, and trends in queries are all easily accessible from an intuitive dashboard. You can also change and tweak your settings for specific queries directly from the dashboard itself, making for an easy, time-saving workflow. This will prove to be integral as you help guide users to requested pages of their choice, while using intelligent boostings and Cludo’s analytics to understand your visitors and improve your search results.

Adding intelligence to your search & insights strategy

Cludo’s machine learning is a powerful enhancement to your search platform, providing you with an added layer of intelligence, automation, and convenience to direct your search strategy. Gain measurable results from immediate user engagement and gain deeper insights into your customer base.

To take control of your users’ search journey, request a demo, or contact us directly to schedule a demo and learn more about how Cludo’s intelligent boosting can impact your search results.