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Cludo Customer Meetup in Copenhagen 1

Cludo Customer Meetup in Denmark

A big part of Cludo’s commitment to Customer Happiness is learning how we can better serve our customers and gaining their input on our product roadmap. Cludo’s Customer Meetup in Denmark was the perfect opportunity for us to gather feedback and learn more about what we can do to serve the evolving needs of our customers.

Project & Customer Success Manager at Cludo, Camilla Christensen, met with our locally based customers in Copenhagen and Jutland over 2 days in November.

The agenda for the meetup was as follows:

  • Walkthrough of a questionnaire about our product and customer service.
  • Guided tour of recently launched features.
  • Preview of upcoming features on our product roadmap.
  • Knowledge exchange where our customers can learn tips and tricks from each other.
  • Feedback session where customers can give us candid feedback about their experience with Cludo, and features they would like to see launched in the future.

Cludo Customer Meetup in Copenhagen 3

Customer Support

Overall, we were happy to learn that Cludo’s customers are very happy with the product, and were overwhelmingly pleased with our customer support. Feedback was that Cludo’s support agents’ competence level is noticeably higher than many comparable organizations. They especially appreciate how our support agents are often being proactive and do further optimizations to their search while looking into another issue. They also like our ability to explain issues and solutions.

New Features

Customers in attendance were also excited about the new features that have been released on the Cludo platform, as well as upcoming features on our product roadmap. Unfortunately, we can’t outline those features in this post due to their confidential nature, but if you’d like to learn more, please feel free to contact us directly at

Cludo Customer Meetup in Copenhagen 2

Spotlight on Security

One of the interesting discussions that occurred over the course of the meetup was around data security. Cludo is of course GDPR compliant, and (especially as a European company) we follow especially strict customer data security protocols. We had the opportunity to further educate our customers and address their questions and concerns around the storage and deletion of end user data, the divisions of responsibility between us and the customer on security issues, and our handling of sensitive data. It was a robust discussion that was appreciated by our team, as well as by our customers.

Cludo’s customer meetups are incredibly important to us. If anyone has questions regarding the events, customer feedback, feature requests, or suggestions for improving these events, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at