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Cludo Customer Meetup

In late November Cludo hosted two listening & learning sessions with our Danish customers in Copenhagen & Jylland. Customers had the opportunity to hear about new product development, learn how to get more out of Cludo, as well as offer us feedback on how we can make our product better. The knowledge exchange was of tremendous value to both our customers as well as Cludo.

As part of the “experience exchange” activities for the day, customers were organized into small groups for questions about our product and support. During this, they got to know each other and, most importantly, new ways to use Cludo. This was also of great value to us, as we got a chance to learn about the aspects of our product that still need improvement directly from our customers. The best part of the exchanges was that several customers also remarked that they gained new insights from fellow Cludo users.

Some of the key takeaways from the sessions were:

  • Overall, customers are very satisfied with Cludo.
  • Users would like even more insights and statistics built into MyCludo, including further Google Analytics integrations viewable directly in the app. Data and information connected to each search word like geographic location, bounce rates etc. would be particularly welcome.
  • Customers would like more of the engagement we currently offer them, such as tips and tricks, newsletters, and especially notifications on new features available upon login at MyCludo.
  • Customers in general are really fond of the opportunity for knowledge exchange, and would like more of it.

In addition to the sessions, customers were also given an opportunity to review our upcoming machine learning features in MyCludo, and give us their feedback. The response to these features was extremely positive, and the participants will have an ongoing opportunity to help shape our product. We also covered GDPR related questions, helping prep our users for the upcoming regulatory burden in the coming months.

All in all, Cludo had two great events and learned a lot from our loyal customers in Denmark. Meetups like this are of terrific value to both us and our user base, and we intend to keep organizing them in a variety of locations. Thank you to everyone who attended!