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Cludo Product Enhancements

At Cludo we’re constantly striving to bring you a better product. The key considerations we take into account when developing new functionality are technical innovations in our field, changing market conditions, and most importantly, feedback from our customers. If you are a Cludo customer, or even evaluating our product, as an agile company we encourage you to continue communicating your needs directly to us, and we’ll try to find a solution for you.

On that note, here are three new pieces of functionality we’ve built into the Cludo platform. You’re welcome!

Time-Scheduled Banners

Banners integrated with site search are a fantastic was to promote important content on your site. When specific keywords are input, banners can be instantly updated to reflect promotions, deadlines, products, directions and other pieces of highly relevant information in an eye-catching display. Taking this unique functionality to the next level Cludo has now enabled time-scheduled banners. You can now coordinate your banner displays with your marketing calendar, scheduling them with specific ‘to’ and ‘from’ dates in advance. This makes your promotions even more easy and efficient- just set it and forget it!

Asynchronous Crawling

Dynamic websites are becoming more prevalent, so it makes sense to include a similarly compatible and responsive onsite search solution. Most site search providers face the handicap of not being able to crawl sites where JavaScript is used to progressively load content into the HTML. While search can still be implemented within JavaScript pages, data must be sent via the API – a more time-consuming process than having the crawlers do the work automatically.  Enter Cludo’s asynchronous crawling! Dynamic content is now easily searchable and search implementation is just as easy. Our new asynchronous crawling will be able to provide dynamic sites with an effortless and optimized search experience.

Anonymous IP Addresses

The EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a far-reaching privacy regulation in the European Union that will start being enforced on May 25, 2018. It covers personal information and activities taking place within the EU even when the party processing the personal information is not in the EU. Failure of a company to comply with these regulations carries the risk stiff fines and strict repercussions. The definition of “personal information” in this case is broad- it basically covers any information that has been or can be associated with a specific person. IP addresses, especially static IP addresses are covered under this law as personal information. To ensure our customer’s compliance with these laws, Cludo has included an option to allow users to anonymize the IP addresses that we collect. When this is activated, filtering on IP-addresses will no longer be possible, but you will be in compliance with the new GDPR rules- a vital capability in the changing data privacy environment.

To learn more about implementing Cludo search on your site, reach out to us at