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Convince Your Boss to Invest in a Site Search Solution

You’re well-versed in the value of site search. You know that optimized search is no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessity on your website. Maybe you already have a site search solution in mind! But how are you going to get your boss to see the value of site search? Don’t worry, that’s why Cludo is here. We’ve built a three-step plan on how to convince your boss to invest in a site search solution like Cludo. Let’s dive in. 

Step 1: Explain why search matters 

Before you begin trying to get budget approved for a new software, it’s important your boss has a fundamental understanding of site search. Give them some talking points that they can take to their boss if necessary. 

Search is more than a bar at the top of the page 
Many people (50% to be exact) prefer to use a website’s search function over the navigation. With half of your user base going straight to the search bar, it’s critical that your search is optimized and ready to serve relevant results. 

Search analytics provide user insights 
Site search analytics have insights into user behavior that can help transform your content strategy and even improve conversion rates.  

Whether you’re missing content, have existing content that users aren’t finding, or maybe need to revamp some of your site, site search analytics will guide you all the way.  

Site search needs to be intelligent 
Your search needs to provide relevant results in order to keep users from leaving the site, which is why it needs to be intelligent. With a machine-learning based solution like Cludo, your search will maintain relevance across millions of search queries – learning, refining and improving as time goes on. 

Step 2: Gather support

Now that your boss can explain site search in their own terms, give them some more substantial information on why a site search solution like Cludo is only going to make their life (and yours) easier. 

Optimizing your search will save money 
On average, it costs upwards of $60,000 (USD) to develop a website search in-house, not to mention an additional $10,000+ a year to maintain. Purchasing a site search solution like Cludo will cost a fraction of that.  

What if my boss wants to go with a free solution or the built-in search that’s part of our CMS system? 
Glad you asked! We deal with this question quite often. While there are obvious benefits to a free option or your CMS’ search, these solutions simply do not stand up to a site search like Cludo. These solutions check a box – providing a basic search that’s better than nothing. But most of the time they do not offer crucial features like custom banners, autocorrect, intelligent autocomplete and user intent. 

Optimizing your search will save time 
Site search solutions like Cludo come out-of-the-box and can be managed by any member of the team, not just a technically trained employee such as a developer. Not having to dedicate in-house developer resources will save time on optimization and allow development time to go towards other projects.  

With a user-friendly dashboard to make real-time updates and changes, you have the ability to crawl new pages instantly and keep your search results as fresh as the content you create. 

Give them the numbers
If your boss is a numbers person, show them some stats. These ought to get the wheels spinning: 

  • 80% of users will leave your site if they perceive the search quality to be poor 
  • People who perform an on-site search are 216% more likely to convert 
  • Click-through-rate for Cludo customers is 220% higher than industry average; our relevancy is 130% higher than industry average 

Step 3: Look beyond search

At this point, you may have already convinced your leaders of the importance of a better search solution. If not, it’s time to take it beyond the tool itself. Relevant search with analytics can have a huge impact on your company besides just making your website users happier. It can also help you: 

Increase website conversions 
This one is especially important for eCommerce, where conversions are your bread and butter. But this benefit is relevant for any industry. Data shows customers who use search are twice as likely to convert. Make that conversion easy for them through search details like categories and other facets, and the number increases even more.  

Make important business decisions
Search is one of the only ways (besides polling and customer interviews) that you can get clear direction from your users on what they want. You can use this data to make real business decisions. Getting tons of searches for a product you don’t offer? High exit rate on your site after making a particular search? These are pieces of information that can drive the future of your company.   

Need a bit more backup?

If your boss wants to do a bit of research for themselves, we’ve got you covered. Start by sending them The Ultimate Site Search Buyers’ Guide, this extensive guide will answer questions they may still have about the need to invest in a site search solution like Cludo.  

From there, let them explore the Cludo blog. This resource hub is full of useful information on the site search industry as well Cludo company and product updates they may find helpful. 

And if you really want to seal the deal, send them to our Testimonials page. Who better to tell your boss about the value of Cludo than our happy customers? 

Now it’s your turn!

You’re ready to explain the value of site search, and now have the resources to back it up! Once you’ve gotten through the three-step plan and convinced your boss to invest in a site search solution like Cludo, reach out. We’ll be happy to schedule a demo or get your free trial started!