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Tips For Getting Started With Cludo Search

The process of buying and installing new technology can be daunting. Faced with the rate of change in the technology space, not to mention the ever-changing needs and expectations of their customers, many organizations suffer from paralysis by analysis- fearful to commit to a new solution and the learning and process curve it entails. At Cludo, we’re committed to making things quick and easy for our new customers. With that in mind, here are our top three tips for getting started with Cludo!

Tip #1: Start off with a couple of weeks on us!

If you are evaluating your need for a more powerful site search solution, you may want to consider starting with a free trial with Cludo. Cludo’s free trial comes with no obligations, and gives you full access to our product and support services to run at your convenience. Once your trial expires, you’ll have a firm understanding of Cludo’s technology, functionality and support, tested directly on your website. There’s no better way to see if Cludo is a good fit for your organization.

Tip #2: See what Cludo can do for you

Unlike most search providers, setup of your Cludo site search solution is quick and easy. Your search will be up and running in minutes, and you’ll have complete access to, and control over your Cludo platform. Cludo is customizable to meet your specific needs, so you can immediately begin setting up your search interface and exploring your analytics (or playing a highly addictive game of Cludot).

Using our actionable analytics to optimize your search and website is a great place to start. You can immediately begin learning more about which search terms on your site do or do not produce results, what’s trending, and which searches are “ineffective” (where none of the search results are clicked on).

Beyond analytics, exploring Cludo’s easy-to-use search features is a great way to understand the power of the platform. Setting up synonyms for commonly used queries (for example “shoes” and “footwear”) and customizing your content boosting to increase the relevance of your search should be two of your first priorities. Custom ranking your search results is also an area that can be hugely beneficial as your trial progresses. Exploring these tools will ensure you’re able to hit the ground running with your search strategy, and create greater engagement with visitors on your website.

Tip #3: Leverage our support team

Included with all Cludo trials and subscriptions is direct access to our support personnel, for no additional charge. That means any questions, design or implementation help, or issues that require direct assistance can be handled in a timely manner at no cost to you. Customer happiness is our top priority, and Cludo offers free support services for our entire customer base, no matter your subscription level.

If you’re evaluating your search solution, a free trial is the perfect way of discovering if Cludo’s solutions are the correct fit for you. Need extra resources? Check out our pricing page with commonly asked questions, and our Help Center for more information.