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Government Success Series Part 1: Why Intelligent Site Search Matters for City Government Websites

Think back to the last time you needed to answer a question. You probably visited a common search engine like Google or Bing, typed your question, and clicked on the first promising result.  

Now consider what happened after you clicked on that link. Let’s say you didn’t land on the exact page you were hoping for. What did you do next?  

If your answer was “Check the navigation” or “visit the search bar,” you are in good company. Those are the two most common actions that users take on websites — and that applies to your city government’s website.  

When you’re responsible for your website, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about navigation but not as much on site search when it’s just as important! In fact, 50% of site visitors will immediately go to the search bar and start typing in a query.  

For marketing and web administrators, that means half of your website visitors are using your site’s internal search to find what they need. It’s critical that your search functionality works properly and produces relevant results. Strong site search ensures that users can get to the vital information and services your organization provides.  

In addition, searchers are a key audience. Industry data shows that searchers are highly engaged and often know exactly what they want from a website. Searchers are 2X as likely to take action, like submitting an application or interacting with content, when compared to navigation users.  

Site search users are on a mission. And what happens when someone on a mission can’t find what they’re looking for on their own? They pursue other channels for help like phone calls, emails, and chats which means increased costs and a loss of time. Good search inherently encourages self-service, which is easily the least expensive support route for your team. With leaner organizations, smaller teams and tight deadlines, you need to know you’re spending your time judiciously. Search can help with that!  

Want to hear more about why site search matters for city governments? Check out a recent Cludo webinar highlighting the many ways intelligent search software can support your marketing team and satisfy your end users.