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Government Success Series Part 2: What Cludo Offers City Governments

Simplicity to Sophistication

Cludo’s platform is meant to make site search for city governments simple. Our subscriptions are a solution for organizations from nimble operations to enterprise level clients. For those with basic needs, we offer guided templates that allow you to customize your search. And for complex sites, we provide expertise in both stunning search designs and customization tools. Take a look at more ways Cludo stands out above the competition.


  • 61ms Response Time
  • 220% higher than industry average Click Thru Rate
  • 99.99% Uptime

Intelligence & Search

Cludo leverages machine learning to provide dynamic search results based on your users’ behavior. You will also have a menu of user friendly tools that can help you quickly customize your search based on how you want it to perform. The average Cludo user spends only 20 minutes a month in the platform. That means it doesn’t take long for you to quickly update campaigns, gather search data, and improve your relevancy.


Cludo offers protection for your users with IP anonymization and Private Data Masking. This tool is especially relevant to the public sector, where users may accidentally enter sensitive data into the search bar when filling out a form. We’ve all done it: you’re tabbing through, hit enter and think “Wait, what did I just do?’ Cludo identifies patterns such as credit cards, social security numbers, phone numbers etc. and masks this data in your analytics, offering your users an added level of protection.


When things go wrong with your site, you don’t want to sit in a support queue or dig through forum answers. You want quick, helpful responses to your support tickets. That’s why all Cludo customers have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who is ready and equipped to help. They will walk you through onboarding, shepherd you through support, and be your point of contact throughout your subscription.

What are current Cludo customers saying?

City of Raleigh, NC

While running up against a site redesign and a search product that was sunsetting, the City of Raleigh needed a new solution that was going to check all of the boxes — and do it quickly. Cludo’s cost-effective, intelligent, and easy to implement search helped Raleigh better communicate with their growing population.    

“Out-of-the-box it just worked. The search just worked,” Jim Alberque, GIS and Emerging Technology Manager at City of Raleigh, North Carolina

London Borough of Tower Hamlets, UK

Tower Hamlets has a diverse audience of site visitors every month. With over 3.5 million page visits a year, they needed a way to quickly aggregate and analyze data. By leveraging Intents, a Cludo feature based in machine-learning, the Borough was able to do just that. Cludo captures data on whether user expectations are being met, enabling Tower Hamlets’ digital team to address any problem areas.  

“Intents has helped us make more informed decisions about how we structure content on our corporate website” Phillip Nduoyo, Digital Officer, Tower of Hamlets, London

Want to hear more about why site search matters for city governments? Check out a recent Cludo webinar highlighting the many ways intelligent search software can support your marketing team and satisfy your end users.