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How to Use Your Ineffective Search

We’ve gotten a lot of questions from our customers about what the ineffective search is for and how to use it. So, we made a short video that gives you a simple run-through on the ineffective search tool on your Cludo dashboard. See below for transcript of the video.

The ineffective search tool is a tool that allows you to track search results that have very low to zero click-throughs; basically, a search that was ineffective. This occurs when users search for a word on the site but when they reach the search results page, they don’t find any links that are relevant to what they need. If users can’t find what they need, they won’t click on any of the search results and chances are, they’ll leave your site.

This is where the ineffective search tool comes in.

To view which words are pulling up ineffective searches, you will need to login to your MyCludo dashboard. Once logged in you can view the ineffective search statistics on the front page of the dashboard. You can also access the ineffective search tool on the Menu > Analytics.

On the page, you can see all the individual components for the ineffective searches:

  • Search words – Here you can see the words that people are using to search that have resulted in irrelevant results.
  • Unique searches – Shows the number of searches conducted using that word by your visitors.
  • CTR – CTR or the click-through-rate gives you the percentage of users who click on a result link on the search results page.
  • Significance – The significance is determined by our intelligent algorithm to give insight into the areas where you will benefit the most by optimizing for the search terms. Note that the flags have different colours. The darker the colour of the flag, the higher the significance and the more urgent attention it needs. You should start optimizing the search words with the highest significance and the darkest flag.

All these terms can be quite hard to remember; so luckily, you can just head on over to Help where you can read all about the features of this page.

If there are a lot of searches with a very low to none click-through-rate, this could be a problem you may want to address immediately. You could be losing visitors to your site just because they are constantly encountering a wall of irrelevant information in the search result page and they simply can’t find what they need.

If you click on the search word, you will be able to see the search result page that offered no relevant links to the user. From here, you can analyze where your users may have encountered issues.

Why do you need this tool?

An ineffective search is an indication that your site search is not optimized to accommodate your user’s needs. Are the top results showing old or irrelevant content? Are the wrong pages appearing when you do a search? The relevancy of the pages that show up based on the searched word is poor and some investigation into what these pages are and what you can do to make them better. Having the ability to identify what terms are pulling up ineffective searches enables you to catch them early on and optimize them so that your users will always be able to find relevant results.

So how do you fix an ineffective search

You can do this by using the custom tools on MyCludo such as banners or synonyms, to tie relevant results to the searched term. You can add or adjust them by clicking on the drop-down from the word itself—where you can tweak the word with misspellings, quick links, or synonyms.

For a more thorough review of your search results, you can edit how pages rank with the Page Ranking tool and exclude those you note as irrelevant through the page ranking tool. Or, you can boost content connected to the search word to ensure that the right pages top the search results. You can do this through the Engines tool.


The ineffective search tool can help you understand what your site is missing, and help you plan, analyze and optimize your content strategy for a more efficient site and improved user experience.

To optimize your search with the ineffective search tool and more, contact us.