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Introducing Cludo Navigation 2.0!

We have some very exciting news this week — we have released a redesign of our software’s navigation!

Here at Cludo, we believe in constantly evaluating our search tool to ensure it is working the best it can for our customers. Over the last year, our research has shown that our dashboard navigation is not organized in a way that aligns with how real people (like you!) use our tools.

So we set out to address that. We are very excited to make Cludo even easier and more intuitive to use than it is now. Want to get to know our new navigation? We’ve got you covered.

Introducing: “Install”

Here at Cludo, we really believe in the usefulness of each and every tool we create for our customers. But we wanted to find a way to better organize those tools based on what action a user wanted to take. For instance, Cludo has a plethora of tools that make it easy for you to install and launch your own search results page. But those tools were previously mixed in among some other settings in the “Settings” navigation section.

Now you can find everything you need to get started on your search in the “Install” section of Cludo, making it easier than ever to launch your search right out of the box.

Introducing: “Content”

The second goal we had with this reorganization was to group all of the settings or tools that help you control what content is available in your search and how it is displayed. To do so, we created the “Content” section. This navigation tab includes navigation items that were previously housed in both the “Tools” and “Settings” sections.

Now all of these items can be found in one convenient navigation item: a place to house everything you need to in order to control what control is indexed.

See it in action!

We’re so excited for you to see how easy and intuitive Cludo’s search can be. Request a demo from our search experts today to see our new navigation in action.