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Cludo's Intents

According to Google, Intent is redefining the marketing funnel. In a study using click stream data, they found no two customer journeys are similar. Similarly enough, here at Cludo, we’ve found the same goes for the variety of search words and terms used to get to specific pages. User A might use the search term jobs. User B searches careers. Both users are looking for open positions on a website.

Knowledge of what your users want is best obtained through data, and the analytics from your website’s search activity provides you with valuable insight about what your visitors want. Think about it this way – your search is the only place where your users speak directly to you, telling you – in their own words – what they want and expect from your website. But isn’t analyzing thousands of search terms time consuming and tedious? Using Cludo’s machine learning and your search analytics, it doesn’t have to be.

Enter Cludo’s Intents.

What are Intents?

Intents can be translated into common search objectives within your search engine. Rather than analyzing thousands of search terms to group them into overall themes, Intents give you a much faster overview of what your visitors are looking for so you can focus more on delivering the content.

Intents screenshot  - the intent careers includes top search terms of jobs, jobs tower hamlets, jobs, as well as 1.7k searches, 1.6 clicks. and CTR rate of 94.6%

How is an Intent developed?

An Intent is a common user objective. It’s determined by using machine learning to analyze multiple related search terms that lead visitors through a similar path to find content on your website.

Improving your content

While Intents, without a doubt, will help you improve your site search experience, this data is even more helpful when it comes to forming or improving your general content strategy. Your search visitors are the most engaged visitors on your website as they are coming to the website for a specific purpose. By understanding what the objectives are of these highly engaged visitors, you can focus on pushing your visitors through the awareness phase, to the purchase, or whatever that conversion may look like for your business (loyalty, advocacy, repeat visits, etc.).

Ineffective intents: football
Trending intents: career
Top intents: career

When reviewing Intents across your search engine, you’ll want to consider the reason behind why visitors are using the search to get to this specific content. Is it difficult to find on your website, or does this content even exist?

By analyzing less of what people are searching for, and more of the reasons behind the search, the data can influence what types of content you create and how to deliver it. Intents can help you improve:

  • Your website navigation
    • You can use the data from Intents as a part of your strategy when it comes to arranging your website navigation to make sure the most popular content is easily accessible
  • Your landing pages
    • The insight you get from the Intents data can help you determine the type of copy and context to include on your landing pages to be more precise with your messaging
  • Content gaps
    • By reviewing ineffective Intents, the search words behind these can help you discover – and recover – gaps in content that are missing from your website
  • Your search
    • Using Cludo’s tools, you can create misspellings, synonyms, or banners to improve the quality of the search when reviewing the multiple terms that make up an Intent. For example, many customers use search analytics when making banners, as the Intents tell them what they should focus on promoting on their search results page

Dive into Intents

One of the key takeaways from Google’s study quotes that “machine learning can help you understand and predict intent in ways that simply aren’t possible manually. It can also help you find missed or unexpected connections between business goals and the habits of your key customer segments. It’s time to invest in a machine learning and automation strategy.” 

Cludo’s Intents are here to help simplify your life by helping you understand what your visitors are looking for so you can focus on delivering content effectively.