Introducing: Site Search Banner Activity

Cludo users now have access to analytics on their integrated search Banners. Banners are a visually engaging way to interact with website search visitors.

Cludo’s website search analytics platform just got better, with the addition of Banner Activity.

Cludo’s integrated Banners are a unique feature that enables users to create visually engaging banners that will be displayed at the top of the search results page for specific website searches. It’s a quick and easy way to highlight related information for search users, like upcoming deadlines, promotions, and other types of information that would be relevant to visitors searching for a specific topic.

With the introduction of Banner Activity, Cludo’s users can now view how many times each banner was seen, and how many times each banner link with a unique URL was clicked. Cludo logs this data in real-time when using your search and banners.

These analytics give users a more holistic picture of their visitor’s behavior on the website, and can be used to optimize their marketing and messaging.

Let’s look at some examples of how that could work.

Our first example is a university using the banner functionality to highlight sporting events. When visitors search for sports, a banner would show up at the top of the results displaying the most relevant event information, plus links to pages that go into more detail on the schedule, tickets, fan information, etc.

boise state example

By utilizing the Banner Activity functionality, the university’s webmaster and/or marketing team can now analyze whether:
(a) the banner was being displayed for the appropriate keywords,
(b) whether the information displayed on the banner was relevant to users, and
(c) by matching this data up with statistics on students attending or missing the events, whether the overall messaging was effective.

This information will enable them to refine their online content and improve the utility of the university’s website.

Another example would be a promotional banner. Let’s say a company that sells shoes uses their banners to promote the latest style of winter boots on their website, when related keywords are searched for. By analyzing the click behavior of visitors to the site who are searching for boots, on the styles of boots being promoted in the banner, the company can actually begin to understand what the demand will be for the new styles being promoted. Marrying up this data with overall analytics from those product pages will also enable them to create a clearer forecast of what the expected sales will be for that style of boots for the season.

As you can see, there are a number of highly useful applications for this search analytics data. By cross-referencing Banner Activity with both Google Analytics, as well as other Cludo search analytics like trending keywords and ineffective searches, users can gain a great deal of insight into the behavior of their website visitors. This in turn can have a powerful effect on the success of the marketing and content team, enabling them to optimize their content mix.

If you are a current Cludo customer who is interested in learning more about Banner Activity, please contact us at If you are interested in implementing Cludo search on your site, request a demo below!

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