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Page Inventory Screenshot

New Feature: Page Inventory

Cludo has released Page Inventory!

If you’re wondering about the number of pages in your search results or want to check up on any missing pages in your search, Page Inventory will provide you with an overview of indexed content for all your domains to ensure transparency and give you more control. You can access a table of all the sites you’re crawling, with an overview for each crawler, showing the data for each domain assigned to it.

What the Page Inventory feature can tell you:

  • The total number of pages found during the last crawl. Crawled content doesn’t equal to indexed content and account for all the pages that the crawler came across – including pages with canonical/noindex tags or missing fields.
  • The number of pages that were indexed during the last crawl- these are the pages that will appear in your search results.
  • The domain(s) that the crawler is set up to index from.
  • The number of pages that weren’t indexed due to a missing title.
  • The number of pages that weren’t indexed due to a missing description.
  • The number of pages that weren’t indexed due to a required field not being found.
  • The number of crawling errors during the last crawl. Crawling errors most often happen due to server timeouts.

Why does this information matter?

Page Inventory is essentially a product health checkup. It enables you to quickly and easily analyze the status of your site search, and ensure that it is pulling and delivering all the right content to your website or intranet search users. This enables you to both keep track of how much content you have, as well as identify and troubleshoot any issues your search may be experiencing in a timely manner.

For example, if you find a grave discrepancy between the amount of content you want indexed and the number of pages you’re seeing in the Page Inventory, you’ll know that something has gone wrong. On the other hand, perhaps you’ll find that there is way too much content being indexed- in this case you can check to see if perhaps the incorrect domains have been set up to index from. This is an important alert- especially if you’re accidentally indexing content that should not be searchable, or publicly available!

On a more granular level, this feature also has SEO implications. By telling you what content is missing titles, descriptions, or other fields, it will help you to rectify problems and optimize your content for external search engines like Google as well. By eliminating crawling errors and missing information, you’ll be preparing your site better for ALL search engine crawlers, which can only benefit your organization.

To learn more about accessing and using this useful tool, please visit the Page Inventory section of our help center by clicking here.