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From Search to Success: Secrets from Cludo’s Site Search Experts

We all know that a search function is no longer a nice-to-have on your website — it’s a necessity. But just having a search bar isn’t enough. To guarantee your searches turn into actions, (whether it be reduced call volume, a demo request or a completed sale) you need to optimize and analyze your search. Not sure where to start? Our search experts have you covered.

We consulted members of our sales and partnership teams on how to turn your visitors searches into measurable successes. These are the people who help customers figure out what they need from a site search, and ensure they are confident when choosing a solution like Cludo. Below are four of the secrets our search experts had on how to turn searches into successes.

#1: Companies spend thousands of dollars on getting people to their site through ads, however, they completely forget to invest in making sure that the users find the content they are looking on the site. A great site search takes care of that.

Ultimately, the goal is to get users to your site and keep them there. But what happens if they make it all the way to your site and get zero search results due to a misspelling? Or even worse, what if they are served plenty of search results but none of them are relevant to what they need?

With tools like misspellings and synonyms, you can make sure users aren’t deterred by spelling errors and that they get results (even if they didn’t search the exact term that your marketing team uses.)

#2: People sometimes view search as separate from the rest of their site. But web content managers can gain insights on their whole website just by looking at site search analytics.

Your users’ searches are a gold mine of information just waiting to be tapped! Looking through your analytics can help answer important questions like: Where are there content gaps? What content can I create from searches without results and ineffective searches? Are a high number of searches starting on your home page? Where do your users end up after they search?

Through site search analytics you will find the answer to these questions and more, which is extremely valuable when forming a content strategy.

#3: With a solution like Cludo, you get the added bonus of artificial intelligence. Our AI-driven search is constantly working to improve relevance based on behavior.

Combining marketing expertise with machine learning is a recipe for success when it comes to site search. While you take time to optimize your search by creating Banners and Quicklinks, Cludo’s AI-driven search is working hard behind the scenes.

Our AI-driven search works to identify patterns of behavior, adjusting search results and rankings accordingly. Growing more relevant and precise over time, machine learning keeps your site search performing at its best.

#4: By utilizing a site search solution, you have the power to influence the user journey.

Turning your users’ searches into successes is easier than ever with site search. Direct your users to where you want them to go by refining results, ranking pages and sending them straight to a page after specific terms are searched.

Site search gives you the power to move the user journey along, keeping people from leaving your site altogether because they found what they needed in a timely matter.

Turning user searches into measurable successes is no easy feat. But with a solution like Cludo you’ll have the tools and analytics needed to achieve greatness. If you’re not getting benefits like these out of your current search, request a demo today!