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Understanding Why App Search Engines Are Necessary for Great User Experiences

We live in not just a digital world, but a mobile-focused world. That means every year, apps become more and more important. App downloads grew by 25% in 2020 as compared to 2019 – and that number is likely to continue upwards in 2021. That means you need to ensure your app experience keeps users happy, engaged and connected.

One of the best ways to do that is to invest in your app’s search engine. You may be a bit skeptical of that – after all, working on app content or your main navigation may seem much more pressing.  But research shows almost 40% of app users prefer to use a filtered search tool over navigation. That makes it integral to your success.

So let’s talk about why an advanced search can be integral to your app’s success.  

  • Search is Goal-Focused

As you know, app users are different than website users. App users are looking for a fast and efficient experience, often attempting to solve a problem or accomplish a goal. Search is the perfect tool to help them accomplish their mission. This is probably why our research shows that users who search account for 14% of ecommerce revenue.  

  • Connect Your Platforms

Your app rarely stands on its own. Users will interact with your website and any other digital platforms you manage. Intelligent search can help users access content across all those platforms. You can decide what content your engine indexes, even including website content in app search results (or vice versa.)

  • Upgrade Your Design

If you stick with a basic or free search engine for your platform, you will likely have very little control over its design. That means you are stuck with a search that does not have your logo, fonts, colors or matches the rest of your branding at all. Brand consistency can direct impact whether or not user’s trust your app – in a study done by McKinsey & Company, strong brands outperformed weak brands by 20%.

  • Regain Control over Results

Oftentimes updating information in your app can be time-consuming and includes multiple teams. But if you invest in an intelligent search solution like Cludo, you can maintain total control over your search results. You can quickly make changes to rankings for individual queries, run promotional call-to-actions, or check analytics to see what content your site may be lacking.

Don’t skimp on search when it comes to your app – users demand excellence. Interested in seeing what that looks like? Sign up for an app search demo with our search experts today.