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Webdagen 2020: Getting Digital in the Public Sector

A new conference dedicated to government institutions

In February of 2020, Cludo was lucky enough to attend the first event of Webdagen, a new Danish conference for those who work with websites within the public sector. It was set at the Sinatur Hotel in Nyborg, a beautiful setting right by the Storebælt Bridge, creating the perfect surroundings for a day full of insightful talks and mingling.

Webdagen’s purpose is to focus on ways that municipalities, ministries and other public institutions across Denmark can use digital tactics to improve their performance.

The main conference room at Webdagen conference with four white table and empty black chairs and windows overlooking a sand beach next to the water
The main conference room at Webdagen

We were especially excited about attending this conference because so many of our valuable customers operate in the public sector, and we’re always looking for ways to better understand the trends and challenges they encounter.

Cludo got a chance to ask the founders of Webdagen, Niels Skovmand and Thomas Petersen, about why they decided to start this new event.

“We are both web consultants at the City of Copenhagen, so we work with public sector websites every day,” the founders said, “and we know the particular challenges in this field very well.”

Niels and Thomas said: “After attending a SEO conference together, we realized that some of the important ideas and tools from this field have not gained much of a foothold in the public sector because we were simply the only people there from our sector. So we decided to organize an event of our own.” And we’re so grateful they did!

How to use visitor data (responsibly)

At Webdagen, we got to hear speeches on everything from SEO to user journeys. But we especially enjoyed a talk we attended on data protection. GDPR and protection of user data in general has obviously been a huge theme in the EU over the last few years. We loved listening to Aske Kammer from ITU, who spoke on protecting user data and how to prevent it from ending up in the “wrong” places.

But the conversation about data shouldn’t end at how to protect it; any data users deign to share with us is valuable, and should be treated as a precious commodity. That’s why we also enjoyed a talk from Erhvervsstyrelsen – The Danish Business Authority – who explained how they have responsibly used the user data they have available to improve the UX on their website. Erhvervsstyrelsen explained that even small changes to page structure and page elements can improve user experience. You don’t have to do a major website overhaul to make things better!

Website of the year

We were excited to see Stine Boeck from Furesø Kommune and Michael Ellingsgaard from Egedal Kommune as they took the stage to present their new, redesigned websites. A joint effort, where they’ve been benefitting from each other’s expertise to build and improve their websites whilst sharing the same web agency.

Two speakers present in front of the conference room
Stine Boeck (Furesø Kommune) and Michael Ellingsgaard (Egedal Kommune) speaking on their joint journey towards new websites.

The project that the two municipalities initiated last year is definitely something new, but we’re certain that Stine and Michael will inspire others to walk down the same path, given the results, knowledge, and experience they’ve gained throughout the process. Of course, we would be remiss not to mention that both websites are (still) using Cludo for their search, so we’re proud to be a part of this innovative strategy. A strategy that brought home the prize for Website of the year to Furesø Kommune!

See you next year

All in all, Webdagen was a great experience, and we were so grateful to be a part of their first ever event. The project has been a clear success, and we’re already looking forward to next year’s event! Hopefully, we’ll be able to have a speaking slot ourselves – in the era of service design, site search must not be neglected, and we hope to shed some light on the topic.

Niels and Thomas, the founders, said they were very pleased with the outcome: “We had a great day and we were very happy with the turnout. We can’t wait until next year!” Neither can we.