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Why You Should Consider a Custom Search Results Page

When a visitor performs a search on your site, it’s either because they need to find something fast or are unable to find what they are looking for. We know that providing the appropriate content to your users is crucial – but equally as important is how the search results are presented.

Users who search expect relevant results. If those results are difficult to filter through or visually unappealing, you run the risk of losing that user to a competitor or another search engine. Which is why not only optimizing your search results, but your site’s SERP is important. Read on for why you should consider a custom search results page for your website.

What is a SERP?

A SERP, or search engine results page, is the webpage that displays a populated list of results for a given search query.

For many people, the most widely recognized (and used) search results page is Google. And rightly so – they have done an incredible job in establishing themselves as the go-to search engine.

When it comes to your website, users will be directed to your SERP when they perform an on-site search.

Why should you care about your SERP?

When a user conducts a search on your site, the SERP is where they will see any relevant results. And while being served relevant results is the ultimate goal of your site’s search, if the results page is difficult to navigate or doesn’t match your branding the user may become discouraged and leave your site altogether.

Any results page can form a list of answers to sift through. A custom SERP is an opportunity to deliver a better user experience that aligns with your website.

Benefits of a custom SERP

Enhanced User Experience
You’ve spent time optimizing your content, now it’s your chance to provide an optimal search experience. With a custom search results page, you’re in control of exactly how results are served to users.

Design and Layout Capabilities
This is where you get to have some fun – deciding how you want to display your search results. Do you want image-focused search results, text-heavy results or a blend of the two? Eye-popping and colorful or more muted and simple?

With a custom SERP, you get just that – customization! Think about your users, how they prefer to receive information, and begin brainstorming your layout from there.

One of the most useful and effective features of custom search results pages is the ability to add facets or categories to search results. Faceted search lets your users sort and filter content, helping to narrow their search process.

With a custom SERP, you have the option to build advanced filters and groups for your results, helping to increase conversions by allowing users to specify their preferences within the search!

A custom SERP offers the added bonus of personalized search results. Rather than displaying all results related to a search in no particular order, a custom search results page is able to prominently display results most relevant to the user at the top.

Less Distraction
By owning and developing your site’s SERP, you eliminate outside factors like ads that distract from users finding what they need quickly.

If you spend time creating a beautiful website but don’t incorporate those visual elements into your SERP, your users may become confused when served search results. With a custom search results page that matches your site’s styling and aligns with company branding, you increase credibility and decrease the likelihood of site users losing trust.

Ready to customize your SERP?

Looking to implement a custom SERP design on your website? Cludo can help you with that! We offer custom search results pages for our customers, as well as expert developer assistance during implementation. Reach out today to see an example of our custom SERPs, and schedule a demo!