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Why Your Intranet Search Engine is so Important: A Guide to Improving Employee Experience

If you have a growing organization, the likelihood is you also have a growing intranet. Your intranet is the hub for employee knowledge: you want it to be well organized, detailed, and helpful.

This is especially true after COVID-19: a recent survey showed 74% of CFOs expect to shift some employees to remote work permanently. That means an increased focus on internal communication and knowledge management tools. But as you seek to improve your intranet, you may not have paid enough attention to a critical aspect: your intranet’s search engine.

Read on for some ways having a high-performing search engine on your intranet can be so transformative.

Increased Efficiency

This is one of the most immediate effects you can see when you implement an intelligent search solution on your intranet: suddenly, employees can more quickly find what they are looking for. And in that case, that means they can get back to work faster. No more forwarding email chains with attachments repeatedly. Eliminate repetitive meetings where you demonstrate the path to finding a document. Speaking of eliminating meetings…

Save Your Manager’s Time

Your management team has hundreds of tasks on their plate – their time is incredibly valuable to your organization. But right now, they are probably spending too much of that valuable time helping their employees find information that should be easily accessible.

A search based in machine learning, like Cludo, can get rid of this problem. Search results will be automatically ranked by relevancy to the user’s query. Even better, our search learns as people use it: meaning it will understand which documents or resources are the most popular and serve those more often.

Improve Employee Retention

Employee engagement studies show that 42% of employees say learning and development is the most important benefit when deciding where to work. In fact, the only factor considered more important is health insurance! Your intranet or internal knowledge database is only one part of that, but it can be a pivotal part.

Show your employees you value their time and learning as much as they do by making your intranet easy to navigate.

Manage Security Needs

One of the most frustrating parts of intranet management is privacy management. You want to ensure each employee or user has access to all the information they need – but ONLY the information they need. An advanced search solution like Cludo can help you solve this problem.

Choose a search that allows for different access levels based on employee details. This level of personalization and customization can protect your company and make your employees happier all at once.

You may not have thought of elevating your intranet search experience before. But now is the perfect time to start. Let us show you what an intelligent search tool can do for your organization: see a demo of Cludo Intranet Search today.