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"Welcome to Cludo's Change History!


I'm Josh, Cludo's Chief Technology Officer. I'm excited to tell you about some of the updates and improvements we've released recently to make your site search the best it can be."

Voice Search

August 5, 2021

New Feature

A brand new, industry-leading feature, Cludo will now allow you to add voice search to your search tool! This improves accessibility and click-through rate by allowing users to search how best works for them.


Advanced Analytics filters

June 4, 2021

Introducing new filters that allow our customers to really understand their search data. You can now filter analytics by location or device.


Improved Autocomplete accuracy

March 29, 2021

Cludo's autocomplete feature now allows matches on all words in the query, as opposed to being based on the first word of the query. This will increase the accuracy of our autocomplete suggestions.


Customizable dashboard

February 28, 2021

We have introduced the ability to customize your MyCludo dashboard. You can now move modules around to organize your most important analytics metrics to be the most visible.


Overwriting Tools detection

February 3, 2021

Cludo is improving user experience on attempts to add search terms that overlap with other tools. If customers attempt to create a page ranking or quicklink for a search term that already has a Tool associated with it, one Tool will now overrule the other, instead of nullifying them both.


More flexibility in configuring CludoJS

January 14, 2021

We've introduced the ability to configure CludoJs by using query selectors instead of id strings. This enhancement allows for more flexible configuration and potentially reduces the number of code changes required to implement a solution using CludoJs.


Additional Analytics data

December 16, 2020

We are thrilled to announce a huge change to search dashboards -- enhanced analytics. With enhanced analytics, MyCludo users can see device and geo analytics for their end users. Stay tuned as we rollout more features to take advantage of this new data in the coming months!


Cookie consent integration in CludoJS

December 4, 2020
If an end-user on your website opts out of the cookies, we have introduced a setting in our CludoJS configuration that allows you to integrate with Cludo such that we do not track the user session for reporting.


Ability to now index shadow dom content

December 2, 2020
With this development, Cludo can now index data from within shadow DOM elements while crawling asynchronously.


Increased search analytics accuracy

October 1, 2020
Time zones are now more accurately displayed in your search analytics dashboard.


Improve privacy controls over Page Inventory

September 28, 2020
Page Inventory, a tool that allows you to view and manage your indexed content, is now an Admin-level feature to better ensure the security of your website's data.


Structured data crawled

September 25, 2020
Our crawlers can now read and extract data from structured data (as found in a JSON object) on your web pages.


Improvements to MyCludo Test Crawling

August 18, 2020
We have optimized the "Test Search Functionality" within MyCludo so that we give more guidance to our users on why their tests are working or not. If your URL is determined to be invalid, the test crawler will now tell you why your URL isn't loading, and you can run additional tests on the same URL without reopening the test modal.


Additional performance metrics

August 17, 2020
We have completed work on our monitoring efforts, resulting in additional performance metrics now being available.


Private Data Masking

August 12, 2020

New Feature

We have released a new feature, Private Data Masking, that masks private data in your MyCludo analytics that users may accidentally enter in the search function on your site. This feature is especially helpful for finance, government, and higher education websites, and was developed with feedback from current customers!


Enhanced Intents

August 11, 2020
We have released a suite of updates to the Intents algorithm, taking your Intents to the next level of accuracy. This will make them more helpful for you when developing a content strategy.


Multiple date filters

August 10, 2020
We have released new options allowing your search results to be filtered by date. You can now set up multiple types of date filters for results, including by week, month or year. This will be helpful on a time-sensitive resource like "News" or "Blog" where users may want to filter results by a set time period.


Improved performance of our crawlers

August 6, 2020
We have increased the accuracy of our crawlers, specifically around deleting content. Existing pages/files are now being checked against your site's robots.txt to see whether they should still be part of the index, and existing pages/files that are now redirecting to elsewhere will not remain in the index. This will allow you to have even more accurate content automatically displayed in your search.


API Analytics

July 30, 2020
We now support middle mouse and control click for logging click data through API Analytics.


API Analytics

July 24, 2020
If you’re an API user, we just released multiple feature updates that will allow you to view top hits by categories or facet value.


Page Inventory

July 23, 2020
We enhanced our Page Inventory feature! It will now provide a much more detailed overview of your indexed content, allowing you to better control your searchable content.



July 23, 2020
Our Javascript is now improved to better respond when faced with certain characters and attributes.



July 9, 2020
We have added a bunch of improvements to our Crawlers, helping your search run even better than before.