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Your CMS makes it easy to add content to your website- Cludo shows your team what valuable and engaging content needs to be created.

Equip Your Website & Content Teams With The Tools They Need To Be Successful

Create More Value

Develop more valuable content and optimize its delivery. Gain insight into what content visitors desire, and gauge how well your content is performing.

Save Time

Actionable analytics helps you optimize your content mix and tell you where there are content gaps, saving your staff time answering customer requests for information.

Stay In Control

Cludo’s intuitive platform creates an easy path to site search and content optimization, even for non-technical users.

Cludo Will Enable Your Content Strategy

Cludo’s Content Enablement Platform helps you prioritize where your team should be taking action, by forecasting trends in visitor behavior, identifying critical content gaps, & alerting you to high-priority content needs.

Content Delivery

Determine how to best direct your website visitors to specific content:

  • Site Search
  • Intelligent “404” Pages

Collect & log detailed behavioral data from visitor sessions, from a variety of sources:

  • Site Search Interactions
  • “404” Page Interactions
  • Website Analytics (via Google Analytics)

Distill behavioral data into actionable insights:

  • Improve Content
  • Identify Missing Content
  • Review & Uncover Trends
  • Understand Visitors’ Desired Outcomes
  • Create a Better Visitor Experience

Apply insights to website & content optimization:

  • Optimize Search Relevance
  • Fix Content Gaps
  • Improve SEO
  • Fix Broken Links