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How London Borough of Tower Hamlets Uses Intents for Content Creation

When it comes to managing your website content – from adding new pages to navigation redesign – the more data you have, the better. But it can be difficult to discover the patterns in all that data. That’s when organizations like the London Borough of Tower Hamlets turn to Cludo’s unique feature: Intents.

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Why City of Raleigh Chose Cludo for their Search Redesign

With the sunsetting of Google Search Appliance (GSA) and a website up for redesign, the City of Raleigh was in the market for a new search technology in 2019. The City of Raleigh needed a fast and easy implementation, leading them to Cludo.

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A.Vogel Uses Cludo to Become an Online Hub for Natural Health

When choosing a new search solution for their client A. Vogel, Online Marketing Guy was looking for the ultimate platform that could combine friendly service, a simple interface, complete implementation assistance, and lastly, competitive pricing. They found all those aspects in Cludo.

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Partner Case Study: Jadu

Jadu was searching for a solution to help their clients’ website and content teams save time while creating more value. With the combined benefits of extensive analytics and easy implementation, they decided to partner with Cludo.

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