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As a public health organization, the Danish Health Authority saw their website traffic increase immensely due to the pandemic. From questions on testing to vaccination, the public website needed to direct site visitors to accurate information while meeting their search needs, pushing them to utilize Cludo.

A surge in search traffic and an increased need for information

In the beginning of 2020, the Danish Health Authority experienced a tremendous surge in website search traffic due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As to be expected, the need for information from citizens drove site traffic up – thus placing great demands on the Danish Health Authority and the systems they use to manage their site.

Being a Cludo customer since 2019, the public agency was familiar with the functionality and capabilities of their search solution. With the surge in search traffic they experienced, it was time to seriously test what their search solution could do.

Paying attention to search queries

In order to provide the pertinent information their visitors were seeking, the Danish Health Authority paid close attention to exactly what words and terms were used within searches.

Early in the pandemic, search terms were focused on location and travel, frequently seeing queries like “Wuhan”, “Thailand” or “travel recommendation”. As time went on, the queries turned into health-related terms like “wash hands”, “quarantine” and “distance”.

With an increasingly lengthy list of COVID-related search terms they were not used to seeing, the team had to find a way to provide their visitors with accurate information – leading them to take advantage of Cludo’s tools.

Providing answers through Cludo tools

The Danish Health Authority utilized a few of Cludo’s search tools in order to properly serve their site visitors, the first being Banners. Through Banners, they were able to guide visitors to the most important COVID-19 information from the beginning of the pandemic. With a constantly growing and evolving list of search terms, the agency continuously adjusted their Banners in order to keep them relevant. They also found Banners useful for their most popular searches such as “mask”, “gatherings” and “corona”.

Beyond Banners, the Danish Health Authority also found creating synonyms to be an effective tool for their users. They found that capturing different variants of search terms referring to the same thing meant site visitors were always being served results, no matter the verbiage they used.

With the increase in traffic and overall searches, the website team was also diligent about creating page rankings. Because of how timely and important the information they were providing was, it was especially useful to be able to rank those pages so that they appeared at the top of search results.

Efficiently creating and updating content

In addition to utilizing Cludo’s search tools, the Danish Health Authority has gone through phases of building a COVID-19 information library. With research being conducted throughout the year and latest information regularly being released, the Danish Health Authority was continually creating and updating content as the pandemic went on.

In January 2020 they had a single page of information about COVID-19. As more was learned about the virus, what was once a single page soon became four, then five, into what is now an entire section of their website. They have also published more than 200 news articles and close to 200 publications about the pandemic, many of which have been revised multiple times.

Informing citizens is an ongoing process

While the pandemic is still happening, the Danish Health Authority continues to work to deliver the best possible product to their users – whether through tools or added content. With an easy-to-use search solution like Cludo, they were able to examine their analytics to put efficient tools into action.

If you are experiencing rapid changes to what your site visitors demand, make sure you have a search platform agile enough to deal with unexpected events like the pandemic.

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