Design and Implementation

Intelligent search built by experts? Say no more! Cludo’s Professional Services are here to do the heavy lifting.

Invest in the Search Experience

Creating a search experience that appeals to your users is crucial to keeping visitors interested. Search users are 2x more likely convert, and if they are frustrated with their search experience, 80% of them will abandon your site completely.


A customized search results page is an opportunity to deliver a better user experience that also aligns with your website, app or platform.


Cludo offers expert design and implementation services to ensure an intelligent and tailored search experience.

Search Result Pages (SERPs) come in all shapes and sizes

Styled Standard SERP
Styled Standard Serp

Grid View SERP

Grid view serp

Categorized SERP

Categorized Serp

Custom Build SERP

Custom build serp

Have your search experience built by experts!

Contact our Professional Services team to help you outline and build your next search experience. 

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Your journey to a better search

Needs-assessment and technical scoping

To start, we will uncover your needs for a new search or optimizing your own mockup. From there, we will create a Statement of Work (SOW) so everyone agrees on the build and next steps.

Prototype or MVP
After the initial assessment, we build out your MVP or prototype. The goal is to engage you in the search experience, so everyone is aligned as we finalize the SOW.
Final configuration
After sign off on the prototype and SOW, we will begin the final configuration of the search. Our technical team will build out a live test site based on the requirements.
Feedback and iteration
Once built, we will send the test site for your review of the search functionality and user experience. After receiving your feedback, we will adjust accordingly before the final review.
When the test site is approved, it is time to launch your new search experience! We will build out a full implementation guide for you or your agency to add to your CMS.