Looking for an alternative
to Google Site Search?

Add relevant search to  your website

Add relevant search to
your website

A standard internal search engine finds results if users know exactly what they are looking for. Cludo helps your users find relevant results even if they don't use the same words as you. We give you full control over the search, enabling you to promote and manage content easily. The intelligent dashboard provides timely insights to improve the quality of your website content and convert more users into customers.

Cludo provides you with
clever insights

We provide you with the insights into what people are searching for, what they are finding, and especially important, what they don't find. With the information you can both optimize the search and the content on your web application. Read more

Add relevant search to  your website

Tweak the search results

You no longer have to rely on a developer to change the relevance of your search results. With Cludo you can use Engines to boost the content of your website which is of most importance to you, or you can simply override the order of the search results through our page rankings. All this can be done through our intuitive dashboard. With Cludo you are in complete control of your search engine.

Cloud-based search solution

Cludo's cloud-based search solution can power your search no matter if your website is based on WordPress, Umbraco, Sitecore, Drupal or another technology. As long as we can access your website you can use our standard implementation. In those scenarios where you have a website behind a login you can use our API. Read more.

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