Get insights about your customers

With our analytics we give you insights into what your customers are searching for, what they are finding and what they don’t find. This information is invaluable to help you optimize your website and fine-tune your search solution.

Most used keywords

Most used keywords indicates which content your users demand most on your website. As such, you can ensure updated content and get an idea of trending keywords. By knowing the most popular keywords you can improve your content.

Trending search results

Trending search results helps you finding keywords which are getting more popular. These trends can help shape your website or e-commerce shop. If people are beginning to search for t-shirts, you might want to be promoting them more on your webshop.

No results

When your users search, but are left with a “no results”, it means that they demand content which cannot be found. The content might not exist or maybe your user uses a different wording that leads to no results. You can easily create synonyms or spelling corrections using the Cludo’s admin panel, or maybe you need to add new content to the site to meet your users’ expectations.

Google Analytics & Siteimprove Analytics integration

Cludo provides a good dashboard with analytics from your users searches. We do however know that many people prefer one unified place for all statistics. This is why we integrate with Google Analytics & Siteimprove Analytics. Through our custom integration you can supplement your website analytics with information about what people search for, what they find, and even which searches returned zero results for your users.

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