Page ranks

Our smart built-in ranking methods automatically prioritize the most relevant content in the search results. Sometimes you just need even greater control. We provide you with the options to configure your search results, so you can choose which pages you want on top for selected keywords. This helps you shape the search results as you want, and gives you the ability to promote content.


Banners are perfect for providing relevant direction right on the search results page. They are displayed on top of the search results for the keywords which you define. E.g. if you work at municipality, and your users search for “library” you can define a banner that displays the library’s opening hours.

Highlight of keywords

With highlighted keywords in the search results your users can easily scan the content for relevance.

Blacklist pages

You can choose to blacklist specific pages from the search result. Certain pages may not be relevant and by blacklisting these pages, you make the content more relevant for your users. You can blacklist pages using robots.txt, metatags in the page content or using our administration interface.


With categories, also called facets, you can group and filter the search results into areas that are relevant for your website. This gives your users better overview of your content – especially if you have a broad range of different products or services to choose from.

As a bonus, categories are known for increasing the number of conversions, because they make it possible for the users to specify and narrow their search based on their own preferences.

Boost content based upon your content strategy

With Cludo your internal search can follow your general content strategy. This means we make it easy for you to boost areas of your website which is of higher interest to your users, and lower the value of those which might not be of relevance to them. A typical example is your product pages should be prioritized higher than news, especially news which is a few years old. We make this easy to setup through our dashboard.

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