With Cludo your users will be presented to keyword suggestions even before they are done typing! The suggestions are based on their preliminary typing, and provides a dynamic and real-time search experience for your users. The content is gathered automatically from your website, so there is no maintenance for you. We make sure that your search-as-you-type is always updated and relevant.

Search in files

Does your website contain PDF and/or Word files? Most sites do, but many search engines do not index them. This means that if you have valuable content stored in files, your users may not find it. However, Cludo also searches the files on your site to help improve the results for your users.

Multisite search

Cludo is very embracing and supports search across sites – even in multisite and subsite solutions. This makes it very easy for you to stay in control and keep an overview of your users’ behaviour on the site no matter how many pages you have.

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