Spell check


Creating synonyms for selected keywords increase the possibility for your users to get a precise search result. For instance, you might have users searching for veggie, but the correct term in your business is vegetable. Setting up synonyms help overcoming the difference in vocabulary, and help your users in finding the right information. The unspoken consequence in a situation like this would be to lose a potential customer to a competitor.


Misspellings exist everywhere and we all make them. Cludo has a built-in spelling dictionary and suggests the correct spelling of the keyword. Additionally, you can add new misspellings and correct keywords.

Derivative word search

Cludo is clever and will automatically search for derived word forms. So do not worry if your content is written in plural, and all users search for singular – Cludo got it! This helps to ensure a high percentage of correct search results.

Did you mean…?

When Cludo cannot find the keyword, it automatically provides your users with “did you mean…?” suggestions based on your website’s content. Hereby, you avoid chasing people away from your website, but instead Cludo suggests relevant alternatives based on your own content.

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