Cludo’s intelligent search offers customizable features such as spell-checks, synonyms, autocomplete and more—so even if your users misspell words or use different search terms, they will always get the right results.

You understand the content of your site best, which is why we offer you full control over your search with our user-friendly interface. Customize your search with tools such as page rankings and engines to ensure that only the most relevant results reach your users.

Our simple dashboard is made for everyone. Manage content and nurture your website effortlessly by using detailed insight to user behaviour such as trending search words, terms with zero results and inefficient searches with our analytics.

Have some information you don’t want your users to miss? Add banners to your search results page to prioritize, emphasize and redirect content without having users skim through the results first.

Optimize your search on all devices. Mobile internet users have overtaken desktop users so Cludo ensures that your site search works smoothly, delivering consistent results across all devices on streamlined mobile interfaces.

Reliable support, always. While we try to make our product as easy and as seamless as possible, some issues are inevitable. Therefore, we offer all our customers free phone support with the promise that we will promptly address your needs.

With 1 in every 10 - 20 people possessing some degree of dyslexia and thousands of others with varying forms of sensory, physical and cognitive disabilities, your search should not be their limit. Cludo offers an inclusive search designed with text highlights, reading tools, versatile functionality and more, to be easily navigated by all users with differing needs, challenges, and abilities.


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