Faceted Search

Search needs that match your visitors' needs 

While search helps connect people to information quickly, faceted search helps narrow down results even further.

Faceted search experience

How does faceted search work?

When you consider your site strategy and the search experience, what are your visitors trying to accomplish when finding information? Faceted search allows visitors to get precisely to the content they need without sifting through content they don't.

Faceted search is great for content-heavy sites or varied purposes. For example, a university website might have results for "nutrition" ranging from courses to events to resources. Creating facets narrows down the content for visitors instead of scrolling or entering new search terms.

Faceted Search in action.

Use Faceted Search to

Encourage interactions

Visitors are active and engaged with your content through filters.

Create user-friendly experiences

Search experiences that fit your visitors' needs keeps them happy and connected.

Categorize content

Maintain control of your content and search experience through determined categories.

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