Improving Site Search Relevancy for 2023

Poor search relevance can tarnish your brand, require time and resources from your support teams, and turn away potential customers. In fact, 80% of visitors will leave your website if they think the search quality or results are bad.

Hear recommendations and examples from Cludo customer, ABPI, on how improving search relevancy has positively impacted their business.

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Stay relevant in 2023

Watch this webinar to learn more about

The importance of relevance

The impact it has on your business

How to measure your current relevance

How to improve relevance in your search

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Read our infographic on why intelligent site search matters

This infographic answers exactly why search is such a crucial part of your digital strategy.

About Cludo

Cludo is a powerful search and insights platform that helps your website and content teams save time and create more value. Unlike passive search, our unique platform enables you to custom rank and prioritize search results, automatically creating an intelligent guided search experience for website visitors.