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Make the most of Cludo's automated search technology.

Cludo’s Intelligent 404 pages are driven by our proprietary machine learning algorithms. We use a number of data points to identify pages that will be most relevant to the visitor hitting a 404 response page. It’s the same sophisticated technology that powers our search solution.

Remove a major roadblock in the customer journey

If you lose them, they won't be back.

73.72% of people who reach a 404 error page will leave your website and not return.

404 errors impact future revenue!

79% of visitors who are dissatisfied with website performance say they are less likely to buy from the same site again.

You can't crawl out of this one...

Crawl tools may not help you- your website only accounts for about 17% of the 404 error messages people encounter.

Learn where you're falling short. 

Many organizations aren’t aware of the number of 404s being generated by their websites, and every one of those is a missed opportunity for better customer engagement. 404 analytics will help you track how many 404s are being generated on your site, where visitors are migrating to from those pages, and what the success rate is for those being diverted. By diving into this data, you can gain a clearer picture of what content is working on your site, and where your gaps are.

Keep your website healthy.

While Intelligent 404 builds bridges across your broken links, it’s also important that you continually identify and fix them to keep your website performing at its best. To do that most efficiently, Cludo recommends our partner, Siteimprove. Siteimprove’s platform highlights and identifies content and accessibility issues, helping you to keep your website running smoothly. Best part is – it all integrates beautifully with Cludo.

Cludo users love what Intelligent 404s are doing for them!

Isobel Smith, Digital Content Product Manager, Parkinson’s UK

"Cludo’s 404 module has enabled us to provide related content to users that would have otherwise hit a dead end in their journey and direct a proportion of this traffic to their desired destination. It’s also given us clearer oversight of the links that are returning the most 404s to users, enabling us to identify them and deal with the based on priority order."

Lyndon Barnett, Senior Digital Content and SEO Manager, Vodafone Australia

"Cludo’s 404 module gave Vodafone Australia the opportunity to transform a 404 page that had one static link, to a 404 page with dynamic links that best match what our customers are looking for. This means our customers can find the page they’re looking for much quicker. Overall this superior navigation tool, provides a better customer experience. "


"The Intelligent 404 module has enabled us to be more reactive to broken links in general, but most importantly, having launched a new website recently, it has helped our users find the right content quickly even if it has moved. The module provides a quick and efficient way to improve the user experience right where it could be at its worst- a broken link!"