AI-driven insights

Discover visitor search patterns with Intents

When it comes to managing your website content, the more data you have, the better. But it can be difficult to discover the patterns in all that data. Enter Cludo’s Intents.

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What are Intents?

Intents, also known as intentions, are common topics and objectives users are looking to find on your website through search.

Say "so long" to the days of parsing through thousands of search queries to find common themes. Cludo Intents are here to simplify your life by helping you understand what your site visitors are looking for, so you can focus on delivering content effectively.

Built on machine learning

How is an Intent determined?

Determined by using machine learning, our AI-driven Intents analyze multiple related search terms that lead your site visitors through a similar path to find content on your website.

For example: if one user searches for “employment” while another searches “jobs”, their overall Intent could be that they are looking for job openings, which means they are likely looking for your Careers page. Both of these terms would be listed in your Analytics under one Intent, "Careers".

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What we analyze

Types of Intents

Trending Intents

Themes in your search that see increased traffic compared to a previous period of time.

Top Intents

The most popular themes across your site search.

Ineffective Intents

Themes in your website where users have difficulty finding what they are seeking.

Putting it all together

Connect user data and content delivery

Fill content gaps

Let Intents help you discover and recover content that is missing from your website.

Improve your website

Utilize Intents to make changes to your website, from rearranging the navigation to creating landing pages.

Transform your search

Improve the overall search experience and eliminate the possibility of users leaving your site.

Intents in action

How Intents assist Cludo customers in content creation

Intents have helped us make more informed decisions about how we structure content on our corporate website. It’s especially helpful when plugging gaps in the content we share with our audience.