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Getting Started With Cludo

Identifying the issues

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We wanted to help our clients’ website and content teams save time while creating more value. Of course, first and foremost end users need to easily and quickly find the information they’re looking for, but we wanted move to beyond that.

By providing customers with invaluable data, they can improve their content and pathways to ensure they are meeting the needs of their end users. It was vital that the data be easily understood, accessible, and acted upon and that ultimately lead us to Cludo!


Select Cludo

The real gold in Cludo’s product comes from the analytics. With other search tools you’re given somewhat of a black-box where the inner workings and data is hidden from the user. But Cludo users are able to pull invaluable data, which is delivered in a way that’s accessible to people at all levels of technical competency.

That’s extremely important to those who simply don’t have data analyst experts constantly on hand. Cludo’s analytics provides invaluable insights that helps organizations make big strategic decisions.



The implementation was simple, and the integration was as smooth as possible. Cludo has quickly become a highly valued partner of ours. This is not just due to the capabilities of the product but because of the Cludo team. The communication between teams has been first-class and the team respond quickly to any questions our team has.

We enjoy having them attend and speak at our Jadu Academy events; they really go the extra mile in explaining the importance of search and are clearly passionate about the overall experience of those using their product.