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Transform the visitor experience with intelligent, relevant search from Cludo. Trusted by marketers worldwide, Cludo is the site search solution of choice for over 700 corporate, educational and government organizations.

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Everything you need in a site search solution.

Relevant results for every visitor

Users who search a website or app are 2X more likely to convert than those who navigate. Cludo automatically serves better results to your most conversion-focused users and collects meaningful behavior data to inform strategic decisions. You deserve a tool that makes search and success easy.

We equip you with everything you need to create a great search experience, including full-control over relevancy, automated assistance, content boosting, actionable analytics, and much more.

Guide visitors to your most important content.

Why does site search matter?

Studies show that 43% of site visitors go straight to the search bar to navigate. If your search results are low quality or irrelevant, visitors will be motivated to leave.

Many visitors rely on search to find the information they need. Automated search is the easiest way to improve website performance while saving your team time.

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Why Cludo

Why choose Cludo for your search?

Anyone can implement a basic search, but it takes time and attention to provide you with a trustworthy search partner. That’s where Cludo comes in.

Our intuitive solution takes less than 4 hours to implement, on average, and automatically improves with minimal input from you. It provides valuable insights to support business decisions and website performance. Looking for search that is easy for both your team and your users? We’ve got you covered.

The reviews are in!

What our customers say

I regularly look at new and interesting ways to ensure that our customers find what they’re looking for with absolute ease. Cludo’s impressive software is an important piece of my wider digital search strategy that’s designed to deliver an exceptional customer experience and ultimately online conversion.

The data that the Cludo dashboard shows me is always very helpful and it’s exactly what I want and need. I can quickly login at anytime to make changes and see what my priority should be when running and configuring our local search.

Cludo’s 404 module has enabled us to provide related content to users that would have otherwise hit a dead end in their journey and direct a proportion of this traffic to their desired destination. It’s also given us clearer oversight of the links that are returning the most 404s to users, enabling us to identify them and deal with the based on priority order.

Relevance for all.

Go from search to success with Cludo

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Our search is based on machine learning, which means your Cludo search automatically learns, refines and improves results the more your users search. Our solution can identify patterns of behavior and user intent, meaning you can effortlessly get the best performing results.


Our comprehensive analytics dashboard is the most intuitive in the market! It’s easy-to-use and includes useful information that can help you increase conversions through content. Use Cludo analytics to dive into what your users are looking for, and learn more about the searches performed on your site.


Have questions during or after your launch? Customer support is our passion. That’s why every Cludo customer has access to dedicated phone and email support with our search experts. From implementation to optimization, our team is here for you.

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