Masters Of Series

Mastering Higher Ed Content Management
with Graham Lewis from Hannon Hill

In the inaugural episode of "Cludo Masters Of," join Sara Kelzer from Cludo as she engages in a conversation with Graham Lewis from Hannon Hill. Together, they delve into the intricacies of mastering content management in higher education. Watch the full episode below!

In this episode...

Mastering Higher Ed Content Management

Explore Graham's journey and the evolution of content management, gain insights into the personal side of higher education and technology, and navigate through topics such as complex terminology, contrasting perspectives between university and vendor, the future of web personalization, effective content management strategies, user-centric design principles, and the importance of asking the right questions in design. Don't miss out on this insightful discussion!

Navigating complex terminology

Higher education websites often use complex terminology, which can be confusing for visitors unfamiliar with institutional language. Sara and Graham discuss the value of simplifying and speaking in the language of your site visitors.

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Exploring the evolution of CMS'

The evolution of content management systems (CMS) in higher education has seen a shift towards more user-friendly interfaces and robust functionality tailored to university-specific needs, helping enhance the overall digital experience for students, faculty, and staff.

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The future of web personalization

The amount of time your university website has to get attention is very limited and the way you speak to different audiences varies, highlighting the importance of personalizing and tailoring the experience to each individual.

Designing with user-centric principles

In higher education, designing with user-centric principles is paramount for creating meaningful and effective learning experiences. Prioritizing student needs and preferences ensures that educational platforms and resources are intuitive, accessible, and engaging.

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Meet our hosts

Sara Kelzer
Senior Account Executive
Graham Lewis
Senior Sales Engineer
Hannon Hill