Masters Of Series

Mastering UX and Content Strategy
with Mike Brodeur from Rogers Corporation

In the second episode of "Masters Of," join Nick Wassenberg, CEO of Cludo for an insightful conversation with Mike Brodeur of Rogers Corporation. Together, they explore the intricacies of content management and user experience. Watch the full episode below!

In this episode...

Mastering UX and Content Strategy

Mike shares his journey at Rogers Corporation, the pivotal role of their website in the company's mission, and lessons learned in optimizing web content. We'll delve into the power of personas, insights on visitor behavior, UX evolution, and the role of community in design. Plus, we uncover the surprising links between music, UX, and audience engagement.

The power of personas in web design

To build a site that met their visitors' needs, the team at Rogers dedicated time to crafting detailed user personas. These personas helped shape the structure of not only the content, but the site as a whole.

How to prioritize web projects

At Rogers, web project prioritization is driven by listening to key audiences: customers and sales engineers. Their feedback, combined with product and business goals, shapes the website's direction.

The intersection of technology and UX

With the rapid evolution of technology and AI, continuous user testing and feedback has become absolutely vital to ensuring effectiveness and usability.

Changes in user behavior over time

When designing their website, the team at Rogers takes into account: evolving trends, advancing technology, and increasingly savvy users. These elements help ensure their online presence remains relevant and user-centric.

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Meet our hosts

Nick Wassenberg
Mike Brodeur
Senior Web Software Developer
Rogers Corporation