Optimization Services

No two customers are alike. We offer a range of support 

for your day-to-day tasks to optimize your time.

Your Extended Team

Time is often the biggest factor when it comes to continually optimizing your search solution. That is why we launched optimization services for our customers, so they can concentrate on other tasks while still getting all the benefits.


Let us be an extension of your team – we will spend the necessary time optimizing the platform so you can get the most from your Cludo solution. See what we can do for you!

Optimization Services


Monitoring relevancy is key in order to provide the best experience for end users. We offer a relevancy audit for our clients to easily make data-driven decisions and take action, all with their site users in mind.


Our technical success team supports clients with limited time or in need of guidance to maintain their Cludo solution to support their visitor’s behavior.


We guide our clients throughout their redesign process. Through guidance and support, we create and provide instructions to make the redesign transition seamless.


There are numerous ways of creating, adjusting or optimizing the technical setups to meet your business goals. We support advanced technical setup that is tailored to customer needs.


Do you need to tweak your existing layout?


Our technical success team is here to help our valued clients adjust their design.


It’s a part of all our solutions, and it’s free.

Yeah, really. Free.

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