How smart is your website search?

Did you know that 50% of site visitors go straight to the search bar to navigate? That means if your search results are low quality or irrelevant, visitors are likely to leave and never return. To help, Cludo is offering a free, 15 minute audit with one of our search experts. Take an easy step towards understanding how your site search is performing and how it compares to competitors, and what your users are expecting.

How The Audit Works

Step 1: Enter your website URL and contact information in the form below.



Step 2: Cludo’s search experts will visit your website and assess your search’s performance and intelligence. 



Step 3: We will reach out to set up a 15 minute window to present your audit. 



Step 4: Learn how to improve your search immediately with our easy-to-follow recommendations. 

Did you know? Users who search convert 1.8X more effectively than users who don't search.

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