Search vs. Navigation: How Humans Use Websites

Join Cludo and explore real data on how people use both site search and navigation to move through websites (including yours). Whether you’re considering a full redesign or simply want to improve your site structure, this 30-minute webinar will help you understand how to generate more conversions and create happier users.

If you're a marketer, a developer or anyone in between, this webinar will teach you how to turn engagement trends into successful web design.

This webinar took place on May 13th, 2020 - if any of the topics below spark your interest, download the recording of our live webinar!

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What we're talking about

How people use your site at different stages of the sales funnel

Data on how people use the navigation vs. the search bar

Whether to invest in a navigation redesign or a new site search

Examples of successful navigation designs

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About Cludo

Cludo is a powerful search and insights platform that helps your website and content teams save time and create more value. Unlike passive search, our unique platform enables you to custom rank and prioritize search results, automatically creating an intelligent guided search experience for website visitors.