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For special K-12 school pricing & discounts contact Cludo.

Configured For K-12

Cludo is committed to our K-12 customers. We understand the unique needs and challenges schools face, and our team of implementation and support specialists help you to customize our site search platform to meet your specific requirements. We make sure you have easy access to control what the community sees, and make sure notifications about changes, meetings, holidays, concerts, games, and important district information are easy for anyone to find.

Saves Time With Self-Service

Cludo’s intelligent site search experience makes school websites more self-service, cutting down on your phone traffic by guiding parents and staff directly to the information they are looking for. Adjustable category filters on Cludo’s search results pages help, by delivering results in a more logical and easy to review format.

One District, Many Schools

The Cludo site search platform can be set-up at a single school level, or search across multiple websites and domains in your district. That means your site visitors can easily use filters to get information for specific schools, grade levels, departments, or sports.

Ensures Relevance

Cludo’s search engines are easily configured to display the most relevant information at the top of the search results for any given search term. We make it easy to emphasize the most important information for the students, teachers, and parents who are engaging with your institutions. Keep them up-to-date on campus, sports, events, and other information, bumping those results above outdated information from past terms.

Gain New Insights

Cludo’s site search analytics dashboard is a powerful, user friendly tool you can use to better understand your website visitors and serve them better. You can directly edit and adjust search results from the dashboard, as well as understand where you have gaps and missing content on your website. We make it easy for you to get the information and reporting you need, and actively guide you to the most relevant insights.

Upgrades Your School's Website

Our advanced search filters enable search on different, configurable levels. For instance, visitors can search your website for information based on topic, availability, location, grade, or a host of other categories selected by you. It's just one more way you can help parents, teachers and students, and make your website work harder for you.