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Site search is just a piece of the pie.

Unlike other platforms that only focus on delivering content, Cludo facilitates the full cycle of delivering relevant content, analyzing how your visitors interact with content, and then giving you the insights you need to further optimize that content.

Content Delivery

Determine how to best direct your website visitors to specific content:

  • Website Navigation
  • Site Search
  • Intelligent “404” Pages

Collect & log detailed behavioral data from visitor sessions, from a variety of sources:

  • Site Search Interactions
  • Website Analytics
  • “404” Page Interactions

Distill behavioral data into actionable insights:

  • Improve Content
  • Identify Missing Content
  • Review & Uncover Trends
  • Understand Visitors’ Desired Outcomes
  • Create a Better Visitor Experience

Apply insights to website & content optimization:

  • Optimize Search Relevance
  • Fix Content Gaps
  • Improve SEO
  • Fix Broken Links

Cludo increases visitor engagement by helping you create better content, fill gaps, and enable information discovery with fast, relevant site search.

Do You Want To...

Deliver more relevant search results?

Cludo’s Site Search solution contains all the powerful features you would desire, including full-control over relevancy, rich-media banners, content boosting, controllable machine learning, actionable analytics, an intuitive dashboard, and much more!

Explore Site Search

Develop more valuable content?

Cludo’s Content Enablement Platform gives you insights into what content visitors desire, whether it exists on your site or not, and gauges how well your content is performing. It helps you develop more valuable content and optimize its delivery.

Explore Content Enablement

So you have a
mountain of data.

How are you using it?

Cludo helps you make sense of your visitors’
behavioral data.



Understanding what your website visitors want is difficult, to say the least. Cludo Insights reduces the complexity of
understanding them by 99%, with no loss of information


Do it?

Cludo takes the raw unique search queries used by all your visitors, and
condenses them down to a discrete set of intents. This makes it easier to understand what the real value is, rather than wading through an ocean of data.



Vodafone Australia’s users executed over 30 million searches, submitting tens of thousands of unique search queries in a year. Cludo analyzed this data and condensed it down to 28 unique “Intents” that were driving user behavior. Instead of sorting through thousands of queries, the Vodafone team could now easily focus on key objectives to help shape their content strategy.

Powerful for Developers.
Built for Content Owners.

Cludo is helping power the content strategies of some of the biggest brands, educational institutions & government organizations worldwide.