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Marketers Love Cludo Graphic

Cludo is the site search solution of choice for corporate, educational & government organizations worldwide.

Hear it from our happy customers!

Lyndon Barnett, Senior Digital Content and SEO Manager, Vodafone Australia

"I regularly look at new and interesting ways to ensure that our customers find what they’re looking for with absolute ease. Cludo’s impressive software is an important piece of my wider digital search strategy that’s designed to deliver an exceptional customer experience and ultimately online conversion."

Teri Williams, Director of Web Strategy, Boise State University

"I'd like to recognize the Cludo team for their responsiveness, hard work, and collaboration throughout the process- from vendor selection and contract, to development and support, they were with us every step of the way to meet the challenges of this project.”

Isobel Smith, Digital Content Product Manager, Parkinson’s UK

"Cludo’s 404 module has enabled us to provide related content to users that would have otherwise hit a dead end in their journey and direct a proportion of this traffic to their desired destination. It’s also given us clearer oversight of the links that are returning the most 404s to users, enabling us to identify them and deal with the based on priority order."

Content Force Multiplier

You’ve invested in your content - now help people find it! Cludo’s guided site search capabilities enable you to prioritize content in your search results and even sync up search results with dynamic on-site banners. No more outdated press releases and three-year-old content at the top of the results!

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Actionable Analytics

You shouldn’t need a PhD to understand the search analytics generated by your website search engine. At Cludo, we make it easy for everyone to get the information and reporting they need, guiding them to the most relevant insights. Best of all, you can tweak your site search results settings right from the analytics dashboard, enabling you to work more intelligently.

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Flexible & Intelligent

It’s your website, so let’s do it your way. We’ll work with you to customize and implement your site search solution, while our intelligent automated engines provide you with search results prioritization based on your specific needs. With no hardware to install or tedious setup processes, we can get you up and running on our cloud based solution in a flash!

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Customer Support Included

Just because an AI does the work, doesn’t mean you want to talk to it. From implementation, to design, to ongoing help and support- with Cludo, you’ll always have an email or phone support line directly to a human being, because we just love keeping our customer happy! Our standard support is included with the product, and comes with no extra charges for the life of your contract.

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The Site Search & Analytics Platform You Deserve

A Unique Site Search Experience

Cludo provides a rapid path to the specific information users are looking for, helping them to find relevant results even if they don't use the same words as you. At the same time, it provides you with insights into potential gaps in your website content and “ineffective searches”, giving you the opportunity to optimize and reinforce the health of your website data.

Easy & Intuitive

Tired of having to constantly ask for help from developers or IT staff? Cludo’s easy to use SaaS site search platform was built to empower everyone from a small business owner to a marketer at a Fortune 100 company to customize their search results and learn from our intuitive analytics reports.

Saves Time

We make it easy for people to find exactly what they are looking for on your site. Intelligent autocomplete? Spell check? Synonyms? Bigrams? We’ve got you covered. That means fewer phone calls. Plus our site search analytics make it easy for you to understand what they are looking for. That means fewer headaches.

Let's talk about how you can offer your visitors a better site search experience.