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Convert more visitors with automated search

Deliver the right information

Most businesses spend at least $50,000 on digital marketing. Our search strengthens your investment by driving visitors to the exact content you want them to see.

Automatically improve your results

Our intuitive search quickly understands how your visitors are responding to search results and improves performance with each query.

Drive smarter digital strategy decisions

Visitors who search are 2X more likely to convert. Cludo's analytics provide key insights to help you understand your most valuable visitors.

Our product

Cludo can save you time, money, and improve your search performance. Get to know our automated search software and what it can do for your business.







Meet our happy customers

We are making search easier for some of the biggest brands and organizations in the world. Join the club — launch our automated search software today.

Search that delivers for your entire team

Looking for effortless implementation and friendly customer support? Or maybe you’re seeking API documentation that supports easy customization? Cludo search will feel like your new team member. Whether you’re a web developer or a marketer, we simplify your life and make search easy.