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The best of both worlds

Create a search experience unlike any other. Combine traditional and interactive experiences into one easy-to-use interface.

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How does AI Summary Search work?

Deliver an unparalleled experience to your site visitors. Once they initiate a search, a list of search results instantly appears. Simultaneously, our generative AI provides a more human-like answer and aids in their discovery process.

This experience can be customized to also incorporate helpful features such as Instant Suggestions and Intelligent Autocomplete.

This fusion of experiences accompanies your users throughout their search journey, offering a mix of approaches to effectively engage with and discover your information.

Use AI Summary to:

Enhance engagement

Adapt to evolving search behaviors while crafting a user-friendly experience with a versatile solution.

Increase effectiveness

Eliminate friction points in your visitors' search and discovery journey with a seamless experience.

Improve relevance

Present relevant content while delivering contextual information through a human-like response.

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