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Convert Users With Automated Search

Improve Results

Ensure your visitors find the content they need immediately – Cludo increases relevancy by 95%.

Increase Revenue

Want your users to keep coming back for more? You need a mobile search experience that delivers the exact results they’re looking for.

Save Yourself Time

Dreading the implementation of a new software? No need. Cludo implements in four hours or less on average.

Go from Search to Success with Cludo


Our search is powered by machine learning, which means Cludo search automatically learns, refines and improves results as your users search. Our solution can identify patterns between historical behavior and future intent, meaning your search rankings are based on real data.


Our powerful API allows you to implement a custom search, with exactly the specifications needed for your app to be successful.
You can also use Cludo’s valuable analytics to dive into what your users are looking for, and examine all searches performed on your app.


We believe customers deserve support in all stages of their app search journey. That’s why every Cludo customer has access to dedicated phone and email support. From easy implementation to content creation, our team of customer success specialists and developers are here for you.

Happy customers